Contributions welcome

There are many ways to contribute, all are welcome

Use the service and spread the word

You can add comments as a logged in user. And add tags to your own gems.

We hope you find rubylaser useful and tell your friends about it.

Feature ideas

We know, there is lots of potential :-) We are especially looking for small and easily doable ideas. Check in the issues and start a new one if your ideas is not there. And if you want/can, help with the implementation (see next section)

Bug fixes, code contributions

RubyLaser is open source, on github, standard rules of engagement apply: Check the issues and start a new one if you found a new bug.

If you want to fix an issue, please let us know, and read the contribution guide. Basically use a feature branch if it's more than 10 lines, and consulting us before embarking on larger endeavours.