About us

Our mission

When we came together in the Fall of 2016, we set out to become web developers. We had varying degrees of coding prowess, but soon we were able to work in harmony as a web development team, creating a fully functional project based in Ruby.

We developed the LASER project, a search engine for Ruby gems. This project is open-source, and welcomes contributions from the Ruby community.

Main contributors of this project

When we began, we came from a variety of different backgrounds. Some of us were students in Physics and Management, some of us were professionals working for 15 years. What we all shared in common was a desire to become web developers and a desire to develop ourselves.

We are a group of up-and-coming developers from all over the world: Brazil, Romania, Hungary, Great Britain and Italy. In taking this course, we are devoting months to the art of coding, to better understand the craft and to be able to enter ​​the​ open source​ world and help build great applications.

Torsten Ruger

is the co-founder of WebDev.Camp. He has taught Ruby programming at Helsinki

University of Technology and has 20 years of professional developer experience. He started this program to teach a new generation of coders the skills they need to succeed and excel in the field. He loves vegan food and exploring nature and the outdoors.
Alice Dee

has a degree in physical chemistry from King’s College and worked as a researcher in ​Antarctica​ and at a reactor in Grenoble. She has a passion for back-end development and a good analytic instinct for coding. Her hobbies include unicorning and hula-hooping.

Francesca Fagioli

is a student of Digital Communication at the University of Milan. She has a good attention to detail, a real eye for design and a knack for front-end development. She has a warm heart and always gives a helping hand whenever possible.

Ioana Rosu

has been working in law for 10 years and decided to take a leap of faith to become a web developer. She has picked up back-end and front-end capabilities and hopes to break into the industry as a full-stack developer. She has a dry sense of humor and is perfectionist when it comes to her coding.

Patricia Bucher Santos

is a recent graduate of Computer Science and Management from the University of Nottingham. She has a multicultural background and a colorful personality. She has recently discovered that her strengths are front-end development, Bootstrap and SUSY.

Zita Székely

has been working on mobile development projects in Finland for the past 15 years. She was missing the core tenants of coding for development, and came to WebDev.Camp to fill in the gaps in her knowledge. She plans organize a Rails Girls event to give back to the community where she started coding.